Eight Creative Uses for Bubble Wrap

April 9, 2014 in Blog by admin


Many people only think of using bubble wrap for protecting products during shipment. Originally, bubble wrap was intended to be textured wallpaper. When this didn’t seem to work, the makers decided to resell it as greenhouse insulation. Finally, people realized that they needed something to prevent their products from getting damaged during delivery and decided to use this wrap as a protective shield. However, bubble wrap can be used for many tasks around the home as well—if you know how to use it! Here are eight unique ways you can use bubble wrap to add an extra “pop” into your life.


1. Worried about your pipes bursting?

If you’ve ever had a water pipe burst during the cold winter months, you know how much damage and inconvenience it can cause. Prevent your pipes from bursting this winter by wrapping a sheet of bubble wrap around them. Tie the bubble wrap with some sort of string—the bubble wrap will help maintain the pipes’ temperature and prevent freezing/bursting.



2. Bye, bye frost!

There is nothing more annoying then leaving your house for work in the morning and seeing a thick layer of frost on your windshield. Most of the time, many of us run out the door late or with only minutes to spare, and don’t have time to worry about defrosting our windows. The solution? Bubble wrap! Lay a sheet over your car windows/windshield in order to protect your windows from frost—use the extra minutes in the morning to sleep in a little bit later!


3. Melt the icebox

The worst part of winter is waking up to a room that feels like its covered in snow. Even with the heat blasting, it is sometimes difficult to keep the bitter cold outside. Cover your windows with a layer of bubble wrap—this will insulate your room while still allowing the sun to shine through due to its transparency.


4. Pop your stress away

We all have those days at work where we feel like our to-do list is never going to end. Rather than let the tension build up and cause pain in our body later on, leave a few pieces of bubble wrap in your desk and pop out your frustrations. This is more convenient and fun than a stress ball!


5. For the camping princess

Planning your spring break camping trip? Rather than bringing hundreds of blow up mattresses or mattress pads, bring a roll of bubble wrap! Before putting up your tent, put one or two layers of bubble wrap on top of the ground. This will act as extra cushioning for under your sleeping bag, and it will also keep the ground’s moisture and hard surface away from you. Who would want to sleep on wet rocks?


6. Sick of bruises?

There’s nothing worse than biting into a crisp apple, and finding out that it isn’t so crisp. I don’t know about you, but there is nothing I hate more than mushy, bruised fruit—especially when I make an effort to eat healthy! By using a sheet of bubble wrap to line the drawers in your fridge, you can prevent fruits and vegetables from bruising. Cool, right?



7. Valentine’s Day

Are you planning on cooking a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner–or maybe an anti-valentine’s day party? Impress your date by keeping your food warm by wrapping the food container in bubble wrap. This will act as insulation and maintain the foods hot temperature.



8. Get ready for summer!

Sick of winter and ready for the pool? The only thing that gets me through the winter is daydreaming about lying by my pool in the cozy, summer heat. Plan your pool party early by using bubble wrap to cover the surface of your pool water. Do this immediately after opening your pool—the bubble wrap will act as a solar heater and trap in sunlight, so your water stays a comfortable temperature!