How to Properly Pack Your Products for Shipping

May 28, 2014 in Blog by admin

Packing your products securely is just among the very important parts of a business operation that should never be done in a rush. Rather, you have to take time making sure your product packaging follows certain safety standards. This is not only to ensure that they are securely delivered to your customers; but also to avoid any unwanted event that could result to damage or loss in your investments. Knowing that, here are some reminders on how you can pack your products appropriately for shipping.
Size Matters
First, keep in mind that it is far more important to secure your products for shipping than to try minimizing your expenses for the shipment. This means that it’s just alright to spend more by using shipping containers that are considerably bigger than the item’s actual size. Buffers such as custom cut foam and convoluted foam are very important; they protect your items from impacts with other objects as well as from accidental leak or ingress of water and other liquids. Bubble wraps could serve as effective buffers also. Among the advisable types are the green bubble wrap and black bubble rap. Provide extra box in your shipping container for any of these buffers.
Extra Caution for Liquids
If you are shipping liquid products or anything with liquid on it, make sure that the bottle or any container of the product remains in an upright position, whatever the shipping box goes through. You should also provide extra sealing and make use of a specialized container to make sure that your liquids should never leak out of your shipping box in case something goes wrong along the way. Use quality foam packaging tape for additional protection.
The Labels
Indicate in your labels whether your item is fragile or not. Include other important caution signs if necessary. Each label should be secured enough; it must be irremovable and can’t be affected when it accidentally gets wet. Meanwhile, there should also be a label that features the address where the item should be delivered. This address has to be complete or specific in order to prevent difficulty on delivery. Like the other packaging labels, this should remain intact and readable until the item reaches the recipient.
In addition, you have to find a way to keep track of your products sent for shipping, especially when these are to be delivered overseas. This is actually not a problem if you just make sure you are dealing with a credible shipping company.