Moving? Use our Packing Tips to get started

June 27, 2014 in Blog by admin

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Moving is considered one of the most stressful events to encounter. However, with proper preparation moving can be as simple as moving boxes from one location to another. These tips can make moving into a new home both simple and easy.

1. Pack one room at a time.
Only begin by packing one room at a time. As each box is packed, be sure to label each box with the contents type and the room it is for. This will make unloading and placing the correct boxes in the right room faster and easier.

2. Do not mix fragile items with non fragile items.
Some moving sites suggest placing fragile items in with clothing to save money. However, by doing so, the risk of damage actually increases due to mishandling. For all valuables and fragile items it is best to use bubble wrap to protect them.

3. Secure all liquids.
Often liquids can be jostled around to the degree that the cap or lid comes loose. This allows for these to leak potentially damaging surrounding items. Remove caps or lids and place thin clear plastic wrap over the opening and reseal the cap or lid. This ensures a tight fit and will help prevent leakage.

4. Use a clear plastic tub for quickly needed items.
Items that will be needed immediately or shortly after arrival at the new location should be placed in a clear plastic tub so they can be recognized quickly.

5. Don’t over pack boxes.
There is usually the temptation to pack as much into a box as possible. This leads to over packing and usually exceeding the weight limit of the box creating a risk for tearing or breaking of the box during movement. Also it creates an increased risk that the box would be dropped damaging the contents.

One last suggestion, while not technically a tip, it is just good advice. Pack an overnight bag for the first night in the new location. This saves on having to search the boxes for necessary items.

These five tips can help reduce the stress in moving. By proper labeling and packing, the loading and unloading of boxes can be executed quickly and efficiently. Securing liquids and protecting fragile items with bubble wrap will prevent damage during the loading, unloading and transit processes. While it might seem simple, these tips can save time and money for people who are either moving themselves or hiring movers.